In Support of BridgyFed

I have not written a blog post, evidently, in 8 years when I documented a bike ride across New York State, which I highly recommend to any road bike enthusiasts. Reach out to me if you want to learn more about that trip.

However, with the looming Bluesky Bridge work, I decided to dust off the Markdown to lend not only my personal support, but as the Mastodon admin of, our full support of BridgyFed.

First off, kudos to Ryan Barrett for his transparency regarding this open source work, one of the principles of the Open Social Web, as well as his thoughtful and mature responses to concerns raised and proposed changes. Brave and thoughtful developers like Ryan everyday are building services we all can choose to be a part of or not, thanks to federation, and we should celebrate those efforts rather than allow the vitriol that has existed on closed networks to permeate this world.

Any software that helps marshal the ability of communities to connect as well as the moderation tooling that allow us as individuals to navigate these communities safely, is a win for federation.

#Mastodon #BlueSky #BridgyFed